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Argos Express/Argos Group is a privately owned freight forwarding and logistics company located in New York City providing its customers with a professional, personal service for the coordination of freight worldwide. Established in 1987, Argos is a leading international provider of integrated logistics services. We provide support to industry and trade in land operations, in world-wide air and sea freight, and in all the associated logistics services.

Argos Overseas
The economy of Hong Kong is widely believed to be the most economically free in the world. With close to $600 billion in imports/exports, Hong Kong is the central traffic hub of Asia. Argos Logistics and Argos Pacific Logistics are direct branch offices of Argos stationed in Hong Kong. They allow us to fully dedicate our resources to our customers and provide them with reliable services they have come to expect.

The economy of the People's Republic of China is the fourth largest in the world. Its economic output for 2006 was $2.68 trillion. At the center of all this economic growth and expansion is China’s most influential and prominent city, Shanghai. Argos Logistics Ltd was established to give our customers the best possible service to and from Shanghai. As in the case with Hong Kong, we are now able to have a wholly owned office in Shanghai completely dedicated to our customers.










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